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Oh Monde! also works with professionals such as nurseries, schools, media libraries, maternity hospitals or even third places.




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Oh Monde! is an official Usborne partner. We sell 100% English books for children aged 0+. We are aimed at helping professional structures such as nurseries, schools, media libraries, maternity hospitals, or even third places, to develop their selections of books in English in the most economical way possible (specific prices for professionals). Oh Monde! can also help in selecting the best books according to what you are looking for.

Enfant en pyjama qui s'apprête à lire un livre en anglais.

About Usborne

Usborne is one of the world's leading independent publishers. Founded in the United Kingdom by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne publishing is proud to have remained a family business, which only publishes children's books (0 to 13+ years old).
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May you have any questions or want to discover a sample of Usborne books please feel free to contact us:

Activities & events:

Oh Monde! can organize different types of events in your professional structure: book fairs, reading or creative workshops, counseling for parents, conferences...or any other type of activity  according to your objectives. Do not hesitate to tell us about your project.

À noter : les animations proposées sont à destination des jeunes enfants et/ou du personnel d’encadrement, et ont pour objectif principal d’aborder l’éveil à la langue anglaise (Oh Monde! ne propose en aucun cas des cours de langue).