A la carte activities

Oh Monde! can organize various à la carte activities in English such as: workshops,, immersion events,, birthdays,, readings workshops, or book fairs, ou encore festivals du livre

We pay particular attention to creating eco-friendly activities: natural, healthy and even sometimes homemade materials (paint, playdough, etc.). We select local partners and venues allowing to enjoy as much as possible the surrounding nature.

Whatever the project or the idea that you have, please get in touch! We will be happy to create the perfect activity for you.


from 25 Euros

Awakening to the English language

The activities are intended for young children accompanied with parents/adults. Our main objective is tointroduce kids to the English language (they are not English lessons).

We work together around different objectives such as:

Introduction to English language musicality

Imagination development

Parent-Child Bond

Immersion event

he 1st immersion event 100% in English organized by Oh Monde!

Oh Monde! organized the very first immersion event in English: it took place at Haras du Barry in Sainghin en Mélantois and the theme was the United Kingdom.
The place was privatized
and especially fitted out for the event with a 100% British decoration.

Key words: discovery, smile and laughter.

Immersion event:

Families were able to share a full immersion time in a foreign language with their childthanks to this new kind of event: we chose the English language for this first edition.

Native English speakers:

The agenda was rich: activities for babies, children and adults led by our native English speakers, typical British meals and snacks, workshops with the parents...


We are proud of the immersion event result: we gave families the feeling of traveling to the UK while staying in Hauts-de-France! We used natural or homemade accessoriesand materials to do the activities, and we only partnered with local companies.

Workshop with an expert:

Mrs Sophie Kern,is a doctor in language sciences: she was with us during the immersion event to explain to us the importance of introducing children to foreign languages.



It was as if I had taken my children to England. The animators had good contact with the children and took care of us all day!

Mum of Younes, 2 years old,


A big thank you for this wonderful day!

Mum of Manon, 3 years old,


It was very great for the parents too, because we enjoyed our own special time as well!

Mum of Manel, 5 years old

Lambres lez Douai

Our commitment

Kids & eco-friendly

We choose venues that are adapted to do activities with babies, toddlers and kids (babies special equipment). We also design our activities  with an eco-responsible approach.

Respect for kids pace:

children participate in the activities according to their desire and own pace.

Limited number of participants:

we limit the total number of participants to maximize children’s comfort and the activities’ quality.

We will be happy to create the perfect animation whatever the idea or project that you have!