About me

Photo de Mélanie Amon Fondatrice Ohmonde!

Who am I?

My name is Mélanie and I created “Oh Monde! to start a great adventure with you:introducing the English language ​​to your children, aged 0+..


I am fascinated by the world's richness in terms of cultures, and by the “First 1000 days” period of time I discovered thanks to my son, who is already 4 years old now.


I had the chance to study and work in different countries and I definitely fell in love with foreign languages.


When I was pregnant I wondered how my husband and I, both former expatriates in English speaking countries, could pass on the English language to our coming baby.

Here are some questions I had:

  • How to pass on foreign language to your child?
  • What should I start with?
  • What is the best way?

I felt alone with all my questions: I did some research and finally created our specific way that was adapted to us and to our baby.

Each single child and each single family are very different: this is the reason why I suggest that we step into this adventure together while adapting to your context and needs.

Decision & training

I was trained in the following topics: language acquisition, early/consecutive bilingualism and plurilingualism, effects of bilingualism and plurilingualism on child development, family language practices, methods of co-education with the professionals structures (nurseries, schools…), projects around languages.

petite fille qui lit plein un livre et qui est entouré de livres.


Oh Monde! offers adapted and personalized offers to parents/parents-to-be, and also to professionals, such as schools or other institutions through various products and services..



“I believe that the first 1000 days is a very important period for the children and we can offer them a lot during these first years of life.”


“ La diversité des cultures, des accents, des habitudes de vie différentes… un vrai bonheur. ”

Environmentally friendly

“Being a parent also means making children aware of the importance of taking care of the planet, and trying to leave them the best possible world, by working at our level.”