English for kids from birth

Oh monde! helps parents and professionals in the awakening of babies and toddlers to English..

Photo dans laquelle nous voyons un père qui lit un livre en anglais à son bébé.

Oh Monde! can help you in different ways:

Books in English

Oh Monde! is an official independent Usborne partner: we sell 100% English books for children aged 0+. Usborne is an independent British publisher, specializing in children's books (from 0 to 13 years and over).

We essentially select books that can be read with children from birth dealing with the following themes: growing up, nature, environment, geography, art & craft and/or outdoor activities.

Oh Monde! can advise parents and professionals in choosing the most suitable books for their kids.

A la carte activities

Oh Monde! can organize different events such as workshops, immersion events, birthdays, reading workshops, book fairs, etc.

We pay particular attention to creating eco-friendly activities: natural, healthy and even sometimes homemade materials (paint, playdough, etc.). We select local partners and venues allowing to enjoy as much as possible the surrounding nature.

Whatever the project or the idea that you have, please get in touch! We will be happy to create the perfect activity for you.

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Oh Monde! also works with professionals such as nurseries, schools, media libraries, maternity hospitals or even third places.

We have specific offers for professionals such as sale of English books (specific prices applied), various activities organizing such as workshops, book fairs, reading workshops, counseling, conferences…

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project!

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Oh Monde! helps you by adapting to:

Your kid
Your context
Your project

Did you know?

It is recommended to read with your child from an early age because he just loves to read! He likes to listen to your voice, be with you, and to discover the world…

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"Introducing children to a foreign language as soon as we can is an incredible gift."
Mélanie Amon - Fondatrice Oh Monde!
Mélanie Amon
Founder Oh Monde!